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Make your stay at Holiday Inn Rotorua more memorable, sign-up to become an IHG® Rewards Club member. Points can be redeemed for items from our online catalogue - toys, headphones, gift cards  or your next stay in one of our 6,000+ hotels.

Why become an IHG® Rewards member?

- Unlock 'Your Rate' - an extra discount only for IHG® Rewards members

- Earn IHG® Rewards points redeemable on gifts, air miles or free nights at any of our 6,000+ global IHG hotels

- Get the best chance for an upgrade if we have room

- Complimentary late check-out of 2pm, subject to availability

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How can I earn points?

Earning points is easy - book your next stay with us on the official IHG® website using your IHG® Rewards member number to log in. Alternately call our call centre on +64 800 801 111 and quote your IHG® Rewards Club membership number while booking. You can also shop with one of our partners or dine in one of our hotel restaurants to earn extra points.

In order to keep your points you simply need to redeem or earn more points in the 12 months following your initial purchase.

How can I redeem points?

Ready for your reward? Simply choose your favourite item from our IHG® Rewards online catalog or book your next IHG® stay as a Rewards Night.

IHG Rewards Club

As soon as you sign up as IHG® Rewards Club member you are granted the following:

- Members enjoy the best price guarantee with Your Rate
- Redeem your points for the electronics, brand items, gift cards or your next IHG® stay
- No blackout dates for Reward Nights
- Rewards Nights count towards Elite Status
- Choose between points and miles

IHG Rewards Club

Achieve a Gold membership with just 10 nights or 10,000 points and enjoy these additional benefits:

- All Club Member benefits
- Priority Check-In
- Late Check out at 2pm
- 10% bonus points on top of your base points per stay
- Elite members points do not expire
- Priority Check-In
- Additional welcome amenities

IHG Rewards Club

Have you stayed with us 40 nights a year or earned 40,000 points? You will automatically be granted the Platinum Elite status, which includes:

- All Gold Elite benefits
- 50% bonus points on top of your base points per stay
- Guaranteed room availability
- Complimentary room upgrades

IHG Rewards Club

Our most loyal customers are granted the Spire Elite status, which is our highest membership level. It is achieved after 75 stays in one year, or after collecting 75,000 points. Your benefits are:

- All Platinum Elite benefits
- 100% bonus points on top of your base points per stay
- Guaranteed room availability
- Complimentary room upgrades
- Receive 25,000 annual bonus points or grant the Platinum Elite membership to a friend or family member

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