Car Rental in Rotorua

Going Places?

If you are planning to travel in and around Rotorua, hiring a car is one of the best options to explore the island. Next to being independent and flexible, you can visit spots away from the main tourist trails. There are many options to choose from, when looking for a car rental place in Rotorua.

If you want to keep your rented car over night while staying with us, make use of the complimentary car park.

Hertz® Rotorua Downtown
Hiring a Car in Rotorua

Hiring a Car with IHG® Rewards Club

Make more out of your trip as an IHG® Rewards Club Member and rent your car at Hertz®. You will get 35% off your rental car’s base price and earn 1000 additional IHG® Rewards points. Keeping the car for several days? Get between 125 and 500 additional points per day on top too.

If you are traveling around New Zealand it is possible to drop of your rental car at any other Hertz® branch store, so you are even more flexible.

Plus, Spire Elite members also get automatically upgraded to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Five Star and collect extra Hertz® points.

To qualify for this offer, book your car through the link below or mention the discount number CDP 22754 with your IHG® Rewards Club membership number when making your booking online or over the phone.

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Hiring a Car in Rotorua

What to Check Before Renting a Car?

Depending on the company, the minimum renting age varies between 18 and 25. Inform yourself about the particular rules of your agency on the internet or give them a quick call.

To drive in New Zealand you need to be in possession of an local driver’s licence. Alternatively, it is possible to use your overseas drivers licence for 12 consecutive months each time you enter New Zealand. If your licence is not in English, make sure that you carry an official translation of the licence with you at all times.

Before renting a car check if you have an insurance that covers car rental or  if you can purchase insurance at your rental place.

Before going on the road check the rental car for dents and damage and take photos.

Be Prepared

Keep in mind that unlike the most countries New Zealand is a right-hand drive country, which means that the vehicle always drive on the left hand side of the road.

There are plenty challenges on New Zealand’s roads such as wind, snow, sharp corners and narrow or hilly terrain. These conditions might make your journey longer that you initially expected, make sure you are completely awake when driving and schedule enough breaks.

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